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Verus.ai, incubated at Greenwood Management Advisors and refined in the Google AI start-up program, combines over $26 billion in transaction experience with advanced AI, revolutionizing Private Equity through smarter investments, enhanced value creation, and accelerated exit strategies.

Core Algorithms
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AI Predictive Analytics for Private Equity
AI Predictive Analytics for Private Equity
AI Predictive Analytics for Private Equity
AI Predictive Analytics for Private Equity
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Greenwood Management Advisors and Verus.ai

Verus.ai was incubated at Greenwood Management Advisors. With over 100-plus projects and 53 transactions totaling over $26b, our consistent delivery and expertise are proven. Greenwood's expertise and algorithms, are now available as a fully managed platform on Verus.ai.

We bring both Private Equity funds and portfolio companies a nuanced understanding of the intricate details that turn average solutions into expertly crafted ones.

Our managed AI platform, refined as part of the Google AI start-up program, is quick to integrate with your data and rapidly delivers ROI. Verus.ai helps you make smarter investments, enhances value creation, and accelerates exit strategy.

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The values that drive our company

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We constantly seek cutting-edge AI solutions to enhance investment strategies and decision-making processes in private equity.

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Data Driven Insights

Our firm is committed to harnessing the power of advanced analytics and AI to derive actionable insights for informed investment choices.

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In an evolving AI landscape, we maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency, ensuring ethical AI usage in all our private equity operations.

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We believe in leveraging AI to foster collaborative synergy between human expertise and machine intelligence, creating a robust platform for private equity success.

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Trusted by 10,000+ companies around the world

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